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nGShelter is established with the aim to “Redefine meaning of smart home automation”. 

We are an IoT startup and ready with our first version of home automation product. Our home automation solution is designed to provide completely new experience to manage all home appliances. User can monitor and control their appliances via mobile from anywhere in the world at any time over the Internet. Our products will allow user to feel real luxury at home. Apart from smart switches, we also provide the security based products like motion detection, door/window sensors to provide peace of mind when going away from home.

  • Smart Switches – Our state of the art solution will convert existing switches into smart switches. Converted smart switches can be controlled via mobile app, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistance and ofcourse manually from switchboard. There are other features like grouping of switches, scheduling the actions (On/Off) and scenario management to provide more convenience to our customers. Sensors – PIR based motion sensors will detect the existence of living objects and send indication to our control unit.
  • Motion Sensors – We can also turn appliance on/off based on motion and send notifications to mobile similar to door sensors as per your instructions/preferences/scheduling. It is idea for home/office/retail shops/offices/commercial spaces/restaurants where a particular designated area/room needs to be protected.
  • Magnetic door sensors can be used to detect status of door, whether it is open or close. According to the status user can turn the appliance on or off. The most important feature is security. Customer can track the door status from mobile. We will send notification messages on mobile if any movement detected at home.

Our Saas based solution is deployed on fastest cloud to provide the highest performance and maximum uptime to customer. We have achieved the transaction time below half seconds (500ms) in real environment which makes our system one of the fastest in the market.

Our electronics circuits are designed to last more than 10 years and manufactured using industry grade components, which allows us to provide 1 year zero-cost replacement guaranty to our customers.

Why Us

  • Comfortable & Convenient- User-friendly app, control your home anywhere from world.
  • Easy installation within few minutes
  • Environment Friendly - No Hazardous Substances used in PCB production
  • Safety- Keep your loved ones safe with nGShelter Smart Security
  • Warranty- We provide 1-year warranty with full support for aftersales service all over India
  • IFTTT Integration
  • IoT Ready- IoT platform device
  • Made in India

How it works

Smart Home System Features

⦁ Control your entire home with the help of a smartphone based app
⦁ Control your lights, fan and all heavy appliances through the touch of an app
⦁ Transform your 21st century manual home to the 21st century smart home
⦁ Control your electrical appliances even when you are away from home
⦁ The lights respond to motion detectors. So you don’t even have to use switches for certain operations. E.g.: – when you get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water. Having lights ‘just’ turn on softly (like a night light) to guide you to the kitchen for a drink
⦁ Schedule your alarms, curtains, lights, fans, AC’s, heaters and music system as per your convenience for E.g.: – Open the curtains on sunrise, AC should be on when I open my house door
⦁ Set your house on autopilot by scheduling frequently used appliances such as geysers, AC’s etc. take care of the more important things in life while your home takes care of itself
⦁ Alexa and Google Home can now be the masters of electricity at your home. If there is anything you need done, just ask them by voice control
⦁ Nothing changes in your current home usage style: – performance, hardware, interior or quality
⦁ Wi-Fi control of your home appliances. Wi-Fi is the communication medium used by nGShelter technology to interact with you and your appliances


Smart Switch

Controls appliances from mobile app and manually

Lighting Fast

Works at Lighting Fast speed


Notifies if unauthorized person tries to enter your home

Voice Command

Control using Voice command (Alexa/Google Home)

Retro Fit

Fits within your old switch board


Schedule your appliances to turn on/off daily


Bookmark your regular switches

Energy saving

Turn everything on/off when from a single switch.

Mood Control

Change your ambiance according to your mood.

How you can add smartness to your home

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